Big Firebird Build EX-01 Plus Mooka (Arcee)


EX-01 Plus Mooka is a transformer inspired action figure released by BigFire Culture Media, an animation company.   In 2019 they were trying to make a very anime-styled RC but the character design caused controversies in the transformer fandom.   And also to avoid copyright infringement, they changed the concept to just transforming robot girls. Ex01 plus is their second release.   Compared to other anime female figures, Mooka’s body proportion is a bit exaggerated but pleasing to the eye, making the feeling cool and cute.   Car mode is Lamborghini Terzo Millennium which comes with rubber tyres. The windshield can open to see details inner.

The box is made out of glossy art paper with some decent design. There is an anti-counterfeiting sticker onside.   Two separate trays of accessories include:
– x3 sets of hands. (not including the default hands)
– x1 Removeable Visor
– x1 Bangs Head w/ removable Bunny Ears. (not including the default head)
– x1 Umbrella
– x2 Short Swords
– x1 Adapter Piece to combine short swords
– x1 Tail Light Blaster
– x1 Shield
– x1 Articulated Canopy
– x1 Bunny Tail Back Piece
– x2 Front Fenders (Hip Skirts/Bow Weapon)
– x1 Attachable Bow Handle
– x1 Detachable Backpack
– x1 set of Water Decals
– x1 Set of Instructions
– x1 Figure Card

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