Transformers Action Figures Detailed Jinbao DF-02 Oversized Bruticus


Transformers Action Figures Jinbao DF-02 Oversized Bruticus


Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticon team. A terrifying sight on the battlefield, Bruticus is one of the strongest of all Combiners and Transformers. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with one 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. His armour is impervious to almost every form of artillery and radiation.

Bruticus is composed of:
Onslaught (leader; torso)
Brawl (left leg)
Blast Off (left arm)
Swindle (right leg)
Vortex (right arm)

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 49 × 14 × 66.5 cm



Abs Plastic

Choking Hazard

This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old!

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