Black Mamba LS-03F Commander (Optimus Prime)


This is a Black Mamba High Quality KO & Oversize version.
LS-03F already change product code to KM-01S ( both are totally same except packing box printing )

1. Robot mode is 32cm height, with anti-friction painting.
2. Add the abdominal shape which can completely deformed to avoid deformed in the plug way.
3. Shoulders and Chest are re-adjusted to make the whole figure more coordinated and closer to the image in the movie.
4. Rubber tyres are replaceable.
5. Built in battle mask.

Package includes:
1. LS-03F Commander Figure
2. Brass Knuckle Hands
3. Twin Blades
4. Double Hooks
5. Single Axe
6. Main Gun

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Weight 1.96 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 40 cm



Size: 32cm

Material: ABS

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