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Transformers Action Figures | Decepticon | MH Toys MINI07 Tigerwing (Menasor)

MH Toys has published new stock images of their Mini Series MH-Mini-07 Tigerwing combiner team. The unofficial remake of the Stunticons combiner team, Menasor, is shown in 30cm / 11 inches tall combined form. The “Mini-Series” name suggests a legends class, but the combined size seems too big for that scale.

These appear to be KO of the Magic Square set, listed separately as the following figures:
MH-Mini-02 Mentor (Team Leader)
MH-Mini-03 Blow
MH-Mini-04 Rob
MH-Mini-05 Blockade
MH-Mini-06 Recklessness

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Weight 1.3 kg

Abs Plastic


Legend Scale

Choking Hazard

This product contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3 years old!

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